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FREE! Lord Graham Stratford has been murdered, and the brilliant Inspector Edmund Benedict has been summoned from London to find his killer.
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This contemporary coming-of-age novel will appeal to readers who enjoy stories of magic steeped in the mysticism surrounding the standing stone circles of Ireland.
Intentional Thinking
Alien Abduction
The Oldest Soul
Bishop’s War
Monarchs and Mendicants
Different Lee
Carpe Diem
Somebody Else’s Business
Bless Me Father
Look Not Upon Our Sins
Awareness Games
Alien in the Delta
Christmas in Caterwaul Creek
Betting on Hope
Clara’s Return
Dark Dominion
The Girl Box Set
Lustful Lies
Dream Warrior
Mistress Suffragette
Cutting Hunger One Coupon at a Time
Escape Route
Sons of the Sphinx
Sami the Magic Bear
Memories of Jake
Area Bird
Me Time Tales
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