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The resulting twist rips a hole through reality, throwing Kix into the path of a dangerous stalker and imprisons Jake in a nightmarish web of delusions. How can he save her when he can’t even tell what’s real?
ONLY $.99! Set in a small town during the 1900's, The Gingerbread House is Historical Literary Fiction grounded in nostalgia, mirth, and true love
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From Award-Winning Author, Kaylin McFarren.
Dream Warrior
Mistress Suffragette
Sami the Magic Bear
Whispers of Forever
Amane of Teravinea
Last Call
Snowman Paul
The Amazing Snowman Duel
Olivia’s Turn
The Starlight Club
Olympus Nights in the Square
Duby’s Doctor
How to Help Someone With Cancer
The Friday Edition
Toxic Bombs
Touch of Danger
The Fire Escape Belongs in Brooklyn
The Sheriff’s Woman
Dead Cold
The People vs Jamaal Russ
A Time to Grow Up