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FREE! Time is running out. Will he succeed, or will he be reincarnated again until he fulfills his destiny?
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FREE! The Civil War devastated her home, her life, and crushed the man she was to marry. She didn't count on Rafe Montgomery changing her lonely life. His touch seared her skin, his kiss devoured her, igniting passions she never knew possible.
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Award Winning Memoir by Kathryn Brettell
Chasing Victory
Seizing Control
Sam’s Story
1:05 a.m.
This Tumbleweed Landed
A Wizard’s Forge
When Will Papa Get Home?
Somebody Else’s Business
All My Love, Detrick
Tower of Bones
The Bends
Miranda Warning
Walking Money
Spinward Fringe
Space Fandango
Water and Blood
Marzio’s Revenge
Radical Survivor
Peace Love and Lies
Change Your Mindset
Layne at Large
Journey’s Rule
Asperger’s on the Inside
Uniting The Heavens
A Little Rebellion
Evidence Not Seen
Brake Failure
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